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Pregnancy care

You can give your baby a great start by taking care of yourself while you’re pregnant. If you’re pregnant, please call Member Services and let us know. Or you can tell us by filling out the Notification of Pregnancy form on the Member Portal. And we’ll send you some more information to help you with your pregnancy.

Have a healthier pregnancy

Have a healthier pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you should keep these things in mind:

  • “Go before you show!” It’s important for you and your baby to see a doctor as early as possible. So go to the doctor as soon as you think you’re pregnant. It’ll keep both of you healthier. It’ll also help your baby get off to a good start. It’s even better to see a doctor before you’re pregnant. This is so you can get your body ready for pregnancy.
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle habits. This includes exercising, eating balanced and healthy meals, and sleeping for 8 to 10 hours every night.
  • Do not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs now or while you’re pregnant.
  • It is important to take prenatal vitamins if you are planning to become pregnant and to continue taking them through your pregnancy.


Doctors and health organizations agree that breastfeeding is best. You may already know that breast milk is packed with the perfect mix of nutrients your baby needs. But did you know that it is also more than just food? Breast milk has special ingredients, like antibodies, that only you can provide. Breast pumps are helpful if you’re breastfeeding and have to be away from your baby. Your Care Manager can help you order your breast pump as part of your covered services.

Free convertible car seat and diaper bag

Eligible pregnant members can receive a Safety 1st Grow and Go All-in-1 convertible car seat and a diaper bag.


To qualify, members need to:


  • Complete a health risk screening
  • Complete 1 prenatal appointment within first four months of pregnancy, or for new enrollees, 1 prenatal visit within 42 days of enrollment.

Baby Showers

Baby Showers

Celebrating you and those special moments.


While you’re preparing for your newest family member to arrive, we’d like to show you how Aetna Better Health of Illinois can be there for the both of you.


Join us for a baby shower celebrating you, those ten little fingers and ten little toes! You’ll get important information about your benefits and community resources. And learn how Aetna can help during this time. Plus, you’ll get a free gift for joining. 

Get tips by text



Text4baby is a mobile phone app that texts you tips about your pregnancy, information about caring for yourself and your baby after you deliver, and reminders during your pregnancy. It helps you to make your health and your baby’s health a priority. And it’s free to join. Visit the Text4baby website to learn more.

Visit the "Health and wellness library"

Visit the "Health and wellness library"

You can take even more steps toward a healthier you and a healthier family. Just visit the "Health and wellness library." You’ll find articles about everything from well-child checkups to knowing when to choose urgent care or the emergency room.


Are you planning for a baby?

You can get money for things like letting us know that you’re pregnant, going to appointments and more. You can learn more about our incentives below.


Have a question?

You can call Member Services at 


1-866-329-4701 (TTY: 711)

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