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Aetna® Better Care Rewards

Get rewarded for focusing on your health! You can earn Aetna Better Care Rewards by completing healthy activities, like annual screenings, wellness exams and more.

What can I use my rewards for?

What can I use my rewards for?

You can use your Aetna Better Care Rewards to help pay for your:


  • Utilities 

  • Transportation  

  • Phone or phone plan expenses that can be paid with a Visa® card

  • Child care services  

  • Education 

  • Rent  

  • Everyday items* at Walmart® stores

How do I earn rewards?

How do I earn rewards?

We’ll add your Aetna Better Care Rewards dollars to your rewards card after you complete an activity. After you earn your first reward, you’ll get your Aetna Better Care Rewards Visa prepaid card in the mail. You can activate your card by following the directions on the back of the card. Then, you can check your rewards balance by logging in to your Aetna Better Care Rewards member account. Unused rewards will expire 90 days after you end your coverage. Or one year after you earned your reward.

Rewards for completing healthy activities

You can earn rewards for completing:


  • A health risk screening: $10

    • You can do this through the Member Portal or by calling Member Services.

  • A colorectal cancer screening (ages 50 to 75): $15

  • A cervical cancer screening (ages 21 to 64): $15 

  • An annual breast cancer screening (ages 50 to 74): $50

Annual visits

  • An annual well-care visit with a primary care physician (PCP) (ages 20 and up): $20

  • A well-child visit (ages 3 to 6): $10

    • Children ages 3 to 6 are eligible when they receive their annual well-child Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT)** visit.

Diabetes care visits

The following comprehensive diabetes care visits in the same calendar year: $50

  • HbA1c test 

  • Retinopathy screening (dilated eye exam) 

  • Kidney screening

Flu shot

  • Adult annual flu shot incentive (ages 18 and up): $10

Behavioral health visit

  • A follow-up visit after being discharged from an inpatient behavioral health facility (ages 6 and up): $25

    • You must attend a follow-up appointment with a behavioral health provider within 7 days of being discharged. 

Blood pressure measurement

An outpatient visit for your blood pressure by December 1, 2020: $25 

  • Members must have 2 diagnoses on or before June 30, 2020. And have a qualifying blood pressure reading in the measurement year, 2020.

Rewards for taking your medicine

You can earn rewards by:

Filling prescriptions

  • Filling your prescription for ACE inhibitors or ARBs (blood pressure drugs): $10

    • One award annually

  • Filling your prescription for statin therapy (cholesterol drugs): $10 

    • One award annually 

  • Refilling your antidepressant medication (ages 18 and up): $10

    • 6 times max per calendar year

  • Refilling your antidepressant medication 6 times in a row (ages 18 and up): $40

Rewards for new moms

You can earn rewards by completing:

Pregnancy forms, postpartum and well-child visits

  • A notification of pregnancy form within the first trimester: $50

  • A notification of pregnancy form within the second trimester: $25 

  • A postpartum visit*** (3 to 8 weeks after delivery): $20

  • Infant and well-child visits (ages 0 to 30 months): $10 

    • You can earn up to a $60 maximum in a calendar year.

Download notification of pregnancy form (PDF)

*This card may not be used to buy alcohol, tobacco or firearms products. 

**An EPSDT visit is a comprehensive wellness visit and is different from a sick visit or a physical. 

***To be eligible for this reward, you must let us know you are pregnant prior to having your baby. You can call us or send a completed notification of pregnancy form. 

These visits are recommended when the child is: 


  • Between 3 and 5 days old
  • Younger than 30 days old 
  • 2, 4, 6, 9, 12 and 15 months old

This card is issued by Citizens Alliance Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa® U.S.A. Inc. This card is redeemable for specific goods and services at select merchants where Visa cards are accepted. If you receive access to certain reward funds with this card, you agree to the terms and conditions available at (the “Website”). This card is not redeemable for cash except as required by law. Available reward fund balance does not expire.