This is an exciting time in your life! The best thing you can do for your baby is to take care of yourself. First, call Member Services as soon as you know you're pregnant. A representative will direct you to Case Management to learn more about our maternity care program. Then, see your doctor. During prenatal care, your doctor will calculate a "due date" and check your baby's growth. Your doctor will also monitor your weight, blood pressure and overall health and comfort.

Remember, we're here to help. Call Member Services to learn more about the benefits of our maternity care program.

Members Services is available at:

  • 1-866-638-1232, TTY PA Relay 7-1-1 (Medical Assistance)
  • 1-800-822-2447, TTY 1-800-628-3323 (CHIP)

Enjoy a healthier pregnancy through our Bright ExpectationsSM Maternity Care Program!

Available for Medical Assistance (HealthChoices) members only.

Whether you're planning to have a baby or are already pregnant, the best thing you can do is take care of yourself. We can help you during your pregnancy. If you have questions or would like to join our maternity care program, call us at 1-866-638-1232 or TTY 7-1-1.

The information in this healthy pregnancy and baby care guide can also help you make good choices to be well.

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