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Advance directives

What is an advance directive?

What is an advance directive?

It’s a legal document. It tells doctors what medical care you want and don’t want. This way, if you can’t speak for yourself due to an accident or illness, you’ll still get the medical attention and care that you need and want.


If you already have an advance directive, we suggest you:


  • Keep a copy for yourself
  • Give a copy to the person you’ve given medical power of attorney to
  • Give a copy to each one of your providers
  • Take a copy with you if you have to go to the hospital or the emergency room
  • Keep a copy in your car (if you have one)

What is a living will?

A living will is part of your advance directive. You can get the form in English or Spanish:


Living will (English) (PDF) 


Living will (Spanish) (PDF)


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