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Drug Withdrawal in Newborn Babies

Three reasons why well-child visits are a good idea:

  1. These checkups let your doctor see how well your baby is growing.
  2. They are a good way to make sure your child is up-to-date on vaccinations.
  3. They give you a chance to talk with your doctor about anything that's on your mind. That's hard to do if you made an appointment because your child is sick.

It has the ring of a riddle, but it's good advice. So-called well-child visits can go a long way toward helping your child stay healthy. Well-child visits are regular checkups. How often they occur usually depends on a child's age. Your doctor will want to see your baby every month or so for a while. For an older child, yearly checkups may be enough.

HEALTH TIP: Write down questions as you think of them. Take that list with you to your child's next appointment.

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics

Have you heard about our new PROMISE Program? It’s important to stay well while you are expecting. Take care of yourself and your baby, and you will get a package of diapers!

This is all you need to do:

• Visit your doctor at least 10 times during your pregnancy.
• Visit your doctor at least once after your baby is born.
• Call us to order your diapers. We will deliver them to your door.

Get help through our Aetna Better Health care management program. Our care management program helps you before, during and after your pregnancy.

Our care managers can help you:

• Find a doctor
• Get a ride to your appointment
• Know what to expect during your pregnancy

When you enroll, we will give you a March of Dimes  Baby Basics book. It tells you what to expect every month of your pregnancy.

You can call member services to enroll at 1-800-248-7767 (Bexar) or 1-800-306-8612 (Tarrant).

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