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Do I qualify for Medicaid?

Understanding Medicaid and FAMIS (Family Access to Medicaid Insurance Security) can be a challenge. But we’re here to walk you through the process. The first step is to see if you qualify.


What is Medicaid? 

What is Medicaid? 

Medicaid provides health coverage for low-income workers and:


  • Children
  • Families
  • Seniors
  • Pregnant women
  • People with disabilities
  • People receiving long-term services and supports


In ${state_name}, there are different plan options. 


Not sure where to start? Just click through each plan to read the description. Find the one that best fits your situation to learn more.

Do you qualify for Medallion?


Medallion is for low-income and working people or:


  • Families
  • Their children
  • Pregnant women
  • Those in foster care or adoption assistance
  • Non-citizens who meet certain eligibility requirements


You may qualify if you fit into one of these groups. Just use this screening tool to find out. Or apply at the Cover Virginia website.


Medallion benefits

Do you qualify for FAMIS?


To qualify, you or your child must be: 


  • Under age 19
  • A U.S. citizen or lawfully residing immigrant
  • Able to meet the income requirements 


FAMIS benefits

Do you qualify for CCC Plus?


To qualify, you must have Medicaid and fit into one of these groups:


  • 65 and older
  • A child or adult with disabilities
  • Receiving long-term services and supports
  • A nursing facility resident


Note: If any of these describe you, the state will automatically enroll you into CCC Plus.


CCC Plus benefits

Do you qualify for Medicare and Medicaid dual plans?


You might qualify if you:


  • Have Medicare
  • Have special health care needs
  • Receive help from Medicaid 


Check our dual plans homepage to learn more.

Medicaid expansion


In Virginia, more adults can now get low-cost, quality health coverage. Even if you applied and were denied Medicaid coverage in the past, you may now be eligible. 


To learn more, you can:


More options for health coverage


Support after job loss and other life events


Did you lose your health insurance coverage recently? If yes, you and your family still have options. Visit ${state_medicaid_program} and answer six questions using this screening tool.


If you qualify, you can apply for coverage: 


Want more info on Medicaid eligibility?

You can check out this “Do I qualify for Medicaid?” article to learn more.


What’s next?


If you think you qualify for Medicaid or FAMIS, you can check out our page that describes how to apply.


How to apply

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