Value Added Services


Adult dental
Available to members 21 and older (no prior authorization required)
Exam and cleaning twice per year, annual set of bitewing X-rays, fillings, root canal or dentures (limited to $525 annually)

Adult hearing
Your Hearing Benefits are administered through HearUSA
Call Hear USA at 1-877-664-9353
Available to members 21 and older (with prior authorization)

Exam and one hearing aid per year, unlimited visits for hearing aid fittings (limited to $500 annually)

Adult vision
Available to members 21 and older (no prior authorization required)
Eye exam and $100 for frames, glasses or contacts each year

Adult Smoking Cessation
Counseling and pharmaceuticals to assist members to stop smoking. For Quit Coach Counselor please visit

Asthma Prevention
Hypoallergenic bedding and carpet cleaning for members with asthma

Newborn Baby Diapers for a month
For all newborns

Better Breathing
Second inhaler/nebulizer for asthmatic school‑age members to use at school (please call member services and request to be transferred to CMA phone que for eligibility requirements)

Diabetes Care for life
A personalized and interactive mobile program that sends text messages regarding diabetes education and support; personal care management; appointment and medication reminders; and exercise/weight goal setting and tracking

Expanded Member Services call center hours
To assist members 24/7

No-Cost Cell Phone
Available to members 18 and older (no prior authorization required)
Free smartphone with 350 talk minutes, data, unlimited text messages, and free calls to Member Services each month. Free cell smartphone with 350 minutes per month, data, free unlimited texting and free calls to member services

General Educational Development (GED) Incentive
Support select members who are seeking their GED certificate.

Home-delivered meals
Available to members 21 and older with prior authorization
Members (post-discharge from inpatient stay) can receive two meals per day, tailored to their dietary needs and delivered to their home or community based setting for up to seven days.

Non-traditional medicine reimbursement
Some members, including those who are part of the federally recognized Tribal Nation in the Commonwealth wish to participate in non‑traditional healing practices, as well as traditional practices. This benefit is designed to supported nontraditional practices for any interested member, and it requires no prior authorization.  Member can receive up to $200 reimbursement for items (go to forms section, and follow directions on the “Member Reimbursement Request Form for Non-Traditional Indian Medicine” form)

Swimming Lessons
Water safety and swimming lessons for members six and younger

Ted E. Bear, M.D.
Club offered to children newborn to 10 years

Free transportation to medical appointments and pharmacy pick-up. In addition, 30 round trips/60 one way trip (limits apply 50 mile limit) to grocery store, library, Department of Motor Vehicles, place or worship, exercise/gym classes, Woman Infant and Children (WIC) office

 Adult Weight management
Available to members 21 and older with prior authorization
12‑week certified nutritionist program and six counseling visits

Youth Sport Physicals
Annual sports participation physical offered to members 12 to 18 years of age (maximum annual benefit of $25.00)