Coordinating your care

Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) is responsible for the ongoing management of your day to day health care needs, and by sharing information about diagnoses, treatments, or new medications prescribed by your other providers, your PCP is able to better manage your care. It is very important for you to share information about hospitalizations, specialty appointments, or behavioral health visits with your Primary Care Provider (PCP).

If you visit the emergency room or are admitted to the hospital for any reason, please remember to provide the hospital staff your PCP’s contact information. When you do that, it allows them to send a copy of your discharge summary directly to your PCP, so he or she will stay up to date on any changes to your health or medications. When you see a specialist, like a Behavioral Health provider, or Cardiologist, they become a part of your health care team. It is important that all of the members on your health care team know the other providers who are helping to treat you! An easy way to allow for the exchange of information is to request to sign a release of information for your other providers to send updates about your appointments or hospitalizations to your PCP and to each other. When all of the health care providers are communicating together about your needs, it helps you to have the best coordinated care and treatment.

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